"As a beginner, I have loved Jeannie’s style and method of yoga. I have improved my flexibility, core strength and balance. After nearly two years now, I have loved learning and growing in her class. She always reminds us that yoga is as much mental as physical."
- A.H., student

I love making the ancient teachings of yoga relevant to our modern lives, where they’re so badly needed! It’s an honor to guide others to feeling their best and living the life they want to live.

I work to make each and every student feel safe, welcome and comfortable.

I meet each student at their ability level, offering modifications of poses as needed, but also challenging students to grow and evolve in their own practice.

I give precise postural cues that help students bring their bodies into optimum alignment. Because most of us battle with some degree of self-criticism, I work to create an atmosphere in which you can observe yourself without judgment or criticism.

My students are able to learn and grow without concerns about getting things “right.”

I continue to take classes and learn from my teachers. This helps me maintain the perspective of a student and continually deepens my knowledge of yoga, helping me to keep my classes fresh and creative.